I wrote, designed and illustrated Perils & Princesses
2022 and 2023. I wanted to play a role-playing game that was full of  adventure and excitement and strange dangerous places and monsters, but I wanted the characters to be more akin to my favorite childhood books and movies. Heroes that might not be steely knights or magnificent wizards or powerful barbarians, but that are tough and tender and rely on their resolve, wits and humble magic.

Frodo wasn’t strong, but he had Sam’s friendship and Gandalf’s guidance. Dorothy Gale relied on her heart and devotion to her friends and wasn’t above slapping a lion or drenching a witch. Luke Skywalker blows up the death star when he trusts his feelings. He defeats Darth Vader when he throws down his sword. Snow White braved the forest, and made friends with the strange folks within. What if her adventure wasn’t cut short by the evil queen and she continued to build her home and go on adventures in the woods? 

This game is dedicated to my daughter Alice, whose passion for the fantastic is unrivaled. Whose fierce imagination inspires me every day. Who will put on a pink princess dress, brandish a toy sword, and fight all the scary dragons, green witches and goblins in ourliving room. Her magic is deep and powerful.

This game is also for my son Frank. His love of games is pure and his unique perspective is astounding. He has given me endless ideas on how to run games and create worlds with his whip smart mind, playful intuition and tender heart.

I’m so lucky to be able to share this game with you all, and I hope you have the best time and leave inspired and filled with dreams and wishes.
-Ryan Lynch

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