Once upon a time ...

A party of valiant Princesses embarked on a grand adventure. They each received a magical Gift from their Fairy Godmothers to aid them in their quest through the enchanted forest. They bargained with pixies, outwitted goblins, danced in the moonlight at a mossy shrine and even stopped for a picnic with a unicorn along the way.

With bright sword in hand, they faced down the fire-breathing dragon and saved the realm. And the beguiling riddle of a mysterious old woman beckoned them deeper into the hidden wonders of a world of folklore and magic.


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Perils & Princesses is a fantasy role-playing game of gritty and pretty fairy tale adventure for 1–5 players and a Game Master. Great for newbies, families, or seasoned gamers looking to go on a fairy tale adventure. Steel your resolve, gather your grace and sharpen your wits, and you might just live…Happily Ever After.

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This game is all about the humble moments of heart and heroism of storybook adventures. 

These heroes rely on baskets of goodies, trusty hatchets and their hidden talents to help them on their way. The gifts from their Fairy Godmothers help them call upon woodland animals, sing enchanting songs or connect with the elements of nature as they dig deep to survive the perils that await them.

If you're a fan of Grimm's Fairy Tales, animated Princess Movies, and Classic Storybooks where plucky heroes use their resolve and wits as they undergo fantastical adventures, then this is your kind of TTRPG.

Book 1

The Rules

Perils & Princesses

is a tabletop role-playing game about Fairy Tale Princesses using their humble kind of magic to guide them as they face harrowing perils and untold adventure.

Mechanically, This game is a stand-along TTRPG that follows in the footsteps of some great creators in the NSR and OSR spaces. Lots of inspiration was taken from The GLOG, The Black Hack, Mausritter, Cairn, Into The Odd and others to create a Gritty Pretty fairy tale adventure game all it's own.

Tests of Virtue

Haunted forests, Fae glens, Decaying dungeons. These Dark Scary places are uncertain and treacherous. Luckily Princesses are especially equipped to face these perils.

Three base attributes define the core of every character:


Ability to fight in the face of terror. Channeling your emotions into physical
actions. Being brave and enduring pain. Using a sword.


Poise under pressure. Ability to move deftly through challenges. Carefully navigating social and natural hazards.


Mental toughness, Being resourceful with your knowledge of the world and having the emotional will to tap into your inner magic.

The 112-page fully-illustrated book includes:

︎︎︎ Streamlined system is based around a 3-stat D20 Roll-under.  Friendly for newcomers and families, while still being rich with atmosphere for veterans looking for a new world to explore.

︎︎︎8 character classes with a wide range in fairy tale abilities. Loaded with random tables to generate characters and outfit them with adventuring gear, storybook trinkets and quirky weapons. 

︎︎︎ Bestiary full of Rot Goblins, Hedge Witches, Dragons and other horrors for GMs to spring upon the princesses.

︎︎︎Introductory adventure "The Rosewood Crown." A mini dungeon crawl to get you started playing right away

Book  2

The Princesses

What Is a Princess?

In the world of this game, Princess is a gender-neutral term. Your character can be any gender you choose.You could think of Princess as a type of fairy tale adventurer that relies on emotional resolve and cleverness more than physical strength. Princesses always have a Fairy Godmother who helps them unlock their inner magic...

What is your Gift?

Your Fairy Godmother has given you one of the following Giftss. Your gift gives you unique abilities that grow in strength and breadth as you level-up and gain experience and confidence.

Wild Heart

Sometimes you wonder if you're deep down more animal than human.

Enchanting Voice

When you really unleash your voice, you feel like it echoes beyond the earthly realm.

Spritely Agility

Sometimes when you dance you feel mysterious ancient magic start to flow through you.

Elemental Connection

A particular element is a friend of yours and will come to your aid and bend to your imagination. 

Kitchen Magic

The treats you bake have a reputation of being more than what they seem.

Healing Touch

You can heal others with your touch, your hair and your tears. 

Powerful Friendship

When it comes to your friends, you feel like you could do ANYTHING to protect them.

Sage Intellect

You feel like something special is in store for you if can keep unlocking life's mysteries.

Book 3

The Perils

The world of adventuring Princesses is full of twists and turns and the unexpected. You
may be visiting haunted forests, ancient libraries, hidden catacombs and monsters' lairs. That rustling in the trees might just be a squirrel. Or it might be something more sinister...

Perils & Princesses is built to give players plenty of tools to find creative solutions to overcome perils they encounter. Princesses have been known to outwit hungry trolls, charm unruly bandits with a beautiful song, or strike deals with the cruelest witches. 

But sometimes swords must be drawn.

Combat in Perils & Princesses is designed to be open-ended and move quickly. The rules are light, but the monsters hit hard. Losing a battle could mean lingering injuries, lasting trauma or nasty curses leaving you weary and woozy.  

But Fear Not!

Clever and Brave adventurers will find plenty of tools to help them as they test their resolve.

Arcane relics, Curious potions, Mystical Mushrooms and Enchanted weapons are there for those who know where to look...


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