Book  2

The Princesses

What Is a Princess?

In the world of this game, Princess is a gender-neutral term. Your character can be any gender you choose.You could think of Princess as a type of fairy tale adventurer that relies on emotional resolve and cleverness more than physical strength. Princesses always have a Fairy Godmother who helps them unlock their inner magic...

What is your Gift?

Your Fairy Godmother has given you one of the following Giftss. Your gift gives you unique abilities that grow in strength and breadth as you level-up and gain experience and confidence.

Wild Heart

Sometimes you wonder if you're deep down more animal than human.

Enchanting Voice

When you really unleash your voice, you feel like it echoes beyond the earthly realm.

Spritely Agility

Sometimes when you dance you feel mysterious ancient magic start to flow through you.

Elemental Connection

A particular element is a friend of yours and will come to your aid and bend to your imagination. 

Kitchen Magic

The treats you bake have a reputation of being more than what they seem.

Healing Touch

You can heal others with your touch, your hair and your tears. 

Powerful Friendship

When it comes to your friends, you feel like you could do ANYTHING to protect them.

Sage Intellect

You feel like something special is in store for you if can keep unlocking life's mysteries.

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