Book 3

The Perils

The world of adventuring Princesses is full of twists and turns and the unexpected. You
may be visiting haunted forests, ancient libraries, hidden catacombs and monsters' lairs. That rustling in the trees might just be a squirrel. Or it might be something more sinister...

Perils & Princesses is built to give players plenty of tools to find creative solutions to overcome perils they encounter. Princesses have been known to outwit hungry trolls, charm unruly bandits with a beautiful song, or strike deals with the cruelest witches. 

But sometimes swords must be drawn.

Combat in Perils & Princesses is designed to be open-ended and move quickly. The rules are light, but the monsters hit hard. Losing a battle could mean lingering injuries, lasting trauma or nasty curses leaving you weary and woozy.  

But Fear Not!

Clever and Brave adventurers will find plenty of tools to help them as they test their resolve.

Arcane relics, Curious potions, Mystical Mushrooms and Enchanted weapons are there for those who know where to look...


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